England, Part II

On our last day with Felicity, we went to a pub that a work friend, Becky B., told me about. She knows an American guy who has lived in England for over 30 years. He owns a pub called the Dog and the Hedgehog. By name alone, I was ready to visit! As luck would have it, the D&H wasn't too far from Birmingham.

We had a great Sunday roast at the Dog and Hedgehog and once again, played on the lawn with the girls.

I tried to talk to the owner, Bill, but he wasn't there at the time. Then it was a bittersweet goodbye to Felicity. Becky was going to join us in London for a couple of days.

On our way to London, Zara had to use the potty for the 100th time (what was that big rush for potty training anyway?). We stopped at a rest stop that had a mini mall, a hotel, and a petrol station. England really isn't that big for these sorts of places!

We spotted a hedgehog on our way out. Naturally, we had to stop and see him up close; he delighted everyone.

London was short and sweet. We went to the Natural History Museum to see their exhibit on whales. There was a section of whale aorta on display that was about ten inches diameter!

They had an excellent dinosaur exhibit, too. Vanessa is taking after her Aunt Felicity, who once gave a long and detailed lecture about dinosaurs to her fellow kindergarteners. Sometimes she made innocent mistakes, saying a large dinosaur weighed 60 pounds when she meant tons for example, but overall flooring everyone with her knowledge of dinosaurs and her ability to orate at age five. Similarly, Vanessa will point out a dimetrodon and then tell you it's not actually a dinosaur.

Next Tim took Vanessa to the Pink Floyd exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum while Becky and I took Zara to Hyde Park. As if we hadn't done enough for the day, after the museums we popped down on the double decker bus to see the Big Ben tower.

It was hard to say goodbye to Becky. She spoiled us with all the help taking care of the girls. It's hard to have both sisters live so far away.

At Heathrow we quickly found our next travel buddy, Tim's mom Barbara, waiting in a lounge. Together we boarded a plane for sunny Croatia!


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