Here We Go Again

After a hectic last week of work and play (job interview, camping, cleaning house, grading, a drive to LA and packing for four), we are about to embark on another big European adventure.

First stop: Birmingham, England, to see the Larson sisters in situ and maybe, possibly, hopefully, enjoy a little rain. And a nice pint o’bitters and some strong English tea.

All that practice I’ve had at packing light is out the window this trip. I still stuck to some basic rules like packing a week’s worth of clothing but I’ve allowed quite a few extras this time. Since we’ll travel by air and car exclusively, it shouldn’t matter as much.

It doesn’t help that my dear husband let me loose at H&M today!

The girls have enjoyed a little time with grandma in LA. I’m hoping Vanessa, in particular, is well rested and ready to go tomorrow. 

Our itinerary is jam packed with fun things. An asparagus festival in England, a lavender festival in Croatia, horseback riding in Slovenia’s Julian Alps, truffles and hill top towns in Istria, coffee from a 100-year old Bosnian coffee shop, the bluest blue waters of the Soca River, and brewing beer with Slovenia’s top brewers in the Vipava Valley, to name a few.

Jealous yet? You should be. 

But remember, we are traveling with two toddlers!